Upcoming Auctions

A Century at Sea: A comprehensive maritime auction

July 19 & 20

We will be continuing in this tradition by offering some of the most significant and exciting items ever to come to auction. The Titanic Cane, consigned by the family of the survivor who attempted to signal rescue ships from her lifeboat, is just one of many hundreds of wonderful items that will be up for sale.

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Carousels & Quilts

August 2019

The event will feature magnificent original Carousels figures (horses, lions, tigers, and many more) and along with American vintage Quilts.

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The Krumbach Torah Ark

September 19

Built by US soldiers for concentration camp survivors, this Ark is certainly one of the most meaningful objects ever to come to auction.

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Leonardo Da Vinci - Horse and Rider

Fall 2019

Later this year, that unique 28 cm bronze, the only casting to emerge directly from Leonardo’s c. 1510 beeswax figure - along with the original mold made from the wax figure, will be sold by Guernsey’s in a Fall 2019 auction.

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