private TREATY sales

A private treaty is an arrangement where special objects or collections are offered for sale to a few select individuals, as opposed to being sold in a public forum like an auction. Because certain items can have the potential to sell better privately than at auction, or a client can have specific selling needs that are better addressed with a private sale, it is the perfect way of letting the right purchasers know about particular things. Private treaty sales can cover all kinds of objects from the gamut of interests, and Guernsey's has occasionally had the opportunity to present truly unique items and collections in this way.

Such was the case when Guernsey's, preparing for an auction of historic documents relating to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, sold the Collection intact to a single buyer long before the auction was to be held. Another example is the current private treaty offering of the historic Rosa Parks Archive now at Guernsey’s.

Guernsey’s professional expertise, garnered from over 30 years of experience in selling “The Unique at Auction”, means we have an impressive ability to find the correct buyer for every special object. Further, Guernsey’s is able to offer both buyer and seller complete discretion. Please see the links on the left hand side of this page to discover more about the various properties that Guernsey’s is currently offering by private treaty. For further information on private treaty sales, contact Arlan Ettinger at Guernsey’s, 212-794-2280.