Lot 64

JFK Dallas Motorcade Harley Davidson Motorcycle, circa 1963

A Harley Davidson motorcycle used in the Dallas, Texas motorcade of President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963. VIN # 64FL8304. Accompanied by registration, bills of sale, and letters documenting its use in the 1991 movie “JFK” and purchase by the consignor.

This Harley Davidson was the thirteenth motorcycle in the motorcade escort of President John F. Kennedy on his ill-fated trip to Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

Provenance includes:

1: Texas Certificate of Title for VIN # 64FL8304, 1964 HD, signed Lonnie Isam, dated 12/07/2000.
2: State of Colorado Dealer’s Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle, for 64FL Harley Davidson, mileage 12,463, bought by the consignor from Firestorm Motorcycles, dated February 5, 2001; signed Andrew Geidel, Burlington NC, dated February 5, 2001.
3: A letter dated March 6, 1991 from Camelot Productions, Ed Barrera, Picture Car Coordinator, offering to use the bikes during filming starting April 15 for three weeks; includes a photocopy of a motorcycle plate: Tex 63 9S 1150.
4: An email from Bill Miller, Investigator and JFK Researcher dated November 26, 2002 inquiring about putting the consignor in touch with a reporter from England interested in the motorcycle’s story; includes a forward of part of the letter from the reporter.
5: Copy of ACORD Certificate of Insurance dated April 15, 1991 for Camelot Productions coverage of vehicles used during filming including # 64FL8304.
6: Copy of page two of a binding contract between Competition Motorcycles of Houston Texas and Camelot Productions, Ed Barerra and Lonnie Isam Jr. and Sr. among others for the use of the motorcycles in the production of the movie.

From the consignor:

I got the JFK police motorcycle in January, 2001 from a man from in Denver, Colorado. He had got it from an auction sale in Las Vegas.

I talked to Bill Miller, an investigator of the Kennedy assassination and of the Warren Commission, who told me that this was the motorcycle in the Kennedy motorcade, and that it was the bike that had the microphone on when the fatal shot rang out that killed Kennedy. In the motorcade in Dallas, Texas, there were 13 police bikes, 12 of them are now in a museum. I own the 13th one, the only FL Harley Davison in the motorcade. I still have the original cardboard tags.
The bike has 12,502 miles on it, and has been restored. It was repainted when it was put in the movie “JFK” that starred Kevin Costner. The bike has been garage-kept for the last nine years. The only thing missing from the motorcycle is the radio box: we have the radio but the radio box was lost while making the movie. There are no scratches, no dents, and no dings. After it was in the movies and repainted, it won best of show at the show in Iowa in 2001, and also won first place in the Greensboro, North Carolina Show.

Estimate: $60,000 - $80,000


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