The Harrisburg Auction - Part II

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    October 8 & 9, 2013 - 10AM

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    Online Only

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    By e-mail, mail and telephone

Featured Item


Large Format Photo
"Iron Cloud"


Colonial Panel

Document Signed by Isabella I Spain
C. 1499

Wooden and Cast Iron

Les Paul’s Decade Resistor and Resistance -
Capacitance Switch Box

Original Late 1940’s Gibson Factory
Stevens Pickup Winder

1775 Act signed by
John Penn Governor


Early in our Nation's history... pioneers considered Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to be the "Gateway to the West". Years ago, the then Mayor of the Pennsylvania state capital saw the wisdom in creating a museum paying homage to those pioneering days. To create the magnificent institution he envisioned, the City spent millions for the acquisition of rare artifacts pertaining to the Old West. In the process, the Mayor also saw fit to assemble collections relating to the Revolutionary, Civil and Indian Wars, and a wide range of other historic collectibles.

For various reasons, the Old West museum that the Mayor dreamt of was never built. The staggering collection he amassed on behalf of the City - consisting of more than 8,000 antiques, artifacts, firearms, and rare documents - has languished in Harrisburg's storage facilities. Guernsey's will be presenting at Unreserved Auction this magnificent Collection. Those interested are urged to either follow Guernsey's website ( for auction updates or feel free to contact Guernsey's directly.

The Auction

Thousands participated two months ago when Guernsey's sold 4,000 unreserved auction lots on behalf of the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As huge as that event was, there still remains a substantial body of material simply too vast to have been included in that first sale. Those items will now be sold - online only - on October 8 & 9.

Primarily ephemera. The upcoming offering will mostly contain paper in the form of historic correspondence, printed matter, photography, books, etc. Additionally, as this advertisement is going to press, there remains a small percentage of items from the first Harrisburg Auction that have as yet been paid for and should this remain the case, those items will also be included. As those who followed the first auction know, the majority of items in the Harrisburg Collection focused on the Old West. There were, however, many items relating to other periods of American history… from the Revolutionary period on through World War II. The same will be true of Harrisburg, Part II.

One thousand unreserved lots. With many lots containing multiple items (for example, one lot contains 10 original letters from survivors of the Battle at the Little Big Horn), thousands of items will be sold - all without reserve - over two exciting days. Bidders can participate via or where the auction items can currently be viewed. There will also be a limited opportunity to bid via the telephone. As with the first Harrisburg Auction, the event is being conducted by Guernsey's which should be contacted with any questions.

For additional information visit or contact Guernsey’s at 212-794-2280. For media inquiries or to request an interview, please contact Jaclyn Todisco at 646-695-7053 or

Online Bidding

Those who are unable to attend the auction but would like to participate can view the full catalogue online, and leave advance absentee bids, as well as bid live as the sale is taking place at


Interested bidders should also review the Terms & Conditions, as well as the Bidder Agreement form.