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Jim Marshall Signed Digital Photograph, "Lenny Bruce" Jim Marshall Signed Digital Photograph, "Mick Jagger – Palace Laundry" Jim Marshall Signed Digital Photograph, "Santana" Jim Marshall Signed Dye Transfer Photograph, "Who - Standing Portrait" Jim Marshall Signed Digital Photograph, "Grateful Dead" Mickey Mantle Love Letter to His Future Wife


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Barbara Streisand's First Demo Recording, 1961

Vintage Nat Fein "Babe Bows Out" Press Photograph

Harry James "King Symphony" 1953 Gold Plated Trumpet

Harry James "KING" Serial #107 Custom Performance Trumpet

Michael Jackson Performance-Worn Hat Apollo Theater, 2002 Mickey Mouse Original Gouache Signed by Walt Disney


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Elvis-Worn 14 Karat Gold and Diamond Necklace

Joseph Kennedy 14K Gold Christmas Gift Watch from John F. Kennedy, 1945 

Two Cary Grant Photographs from the Sanford Roth Collection

Vintage John Lennon Photographs 16 x 20

Vintage John Lennon Photograph "Strawberry Fields" Vintage John Lennon Unmounted Photographs 11 x 14


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Jim Morrison Sunglasses from Optique Boutique

Jim Morrison Handwritten Poem #1

Jim Morrison Handwritten Poem #2 "Angels Dance Dance Dance”

Morrison Stage-Worn Black Leather Pants and Cotton Shirt

JFK Dallas Motorcade Harley Davidson Motorcycle Diana, Princess of Wales Swan Lake Suite Jewels


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