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Jim Marshall Signed Photo "Janis and Grace Kiss" Jim Marshall Signed Photo "John Coltrane" Jim Marshall Signed Photo "Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan" Jim Marshall Signed Photo "Miles - Green Trumpet" Jim Marshall Signed Photo "Otis Redding" 9-11 Signed Commemorative Banner


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JFK Formal Dinner Plates from November 1963

Liberace's Piano

Early Radio Comedy Discs

Early Frank Sinatra Cigarette Lighter

Early Frank Sinatra Watch Celebrity Signature Collection Birthday Book


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Chair from NY's Famed Apollo Theater

Original LeRoy Neiman Portrait "Charlie Parker"

Last Homerun Ball at Old Yankee Stadium

Italian Photos of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton



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James Dean I.D. Bracelet

Remington Estate-Cast Bronze, "Scalp"

Keith Haring Original Artwork on Vintage Coca-Cola Sign

Vintage UN Architect's Model

"Maltese Falcon" Movie Statuette Frank Sinatra's Watch Gifted from Ed Sullivan


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